Karri-borlbme Kun-wok

karrinahnan kunred

karrinahnan kunred

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English Translation
we are looking after country
(Bale ka-yime karri-ngeybun?)

Listen to the audio for pronunciation. Remember the 'h' in the spelling means a glottal stop (in the verb -nahnan).


karri- This is a prefix on verbs that means 'we all, inclusive of addressee'
nahnan — this is the reduplicated form of the verb nan 'to see'. When it is doubled up (reduplicated) it means 'to look after something'.
kun-red means 'home, hearth, place where people live, a camping site on a walking route'


These two words comprise a phrase or sentence. You could try substituting other nouns for kun-red to express care for other things:
karri-nahnan wurdurd 'we care for the children'
karri-nahnan dabborrabbolk 'we care for the elders'
karri-nahnan mayh 'we look after the animals'
karri-nahnarren 'we look after ourselves'

(Bale kabirri-yime?)

Karri-nahnan kun-red kadberre wanjh kamak rowk.
We look after our land/country and everything will be OK.

24 Sep 2015