Karri-borlbme Kun-wok



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English Translation
hot build-up season
(Bale ka-yime karri-ngeybun?)

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ku- prefix 'in'
dung 'sun'


In Bininj Kunwok, using the official orthography or spelling system used in local vernacular literacy education in Kakadu and western Arnhem Land, this word is spelt kurrung. There is no letter 'g' in this spelling system because there is no phonemic distinction between the voiced 'g' sound and the unvoiced 'k' sound. Therefore we only need either 'g' or 'k' not both (but note we write 'ng' for the nasal sound as in nga-mang 'I get it'). The designers of the spelling system (in the 1960s) chose the letter 'k' which avoids confusion with the 'ng' symbol. If the letter 'g' had been chosen, syllable sequences that end in 'n' followed by one starting with 'k' such as ka-mankan 's/he is falling' would have to be written ka-man.gan to avoid confusion with the 'ng' nasal sound. Using 'k' avoids this problem. Thus the correct spelling is kurrung not 'gurrung'.

(Bale kabirri-yime?)

Wurrkeng ka-yakmen wanjh kurrung ka-yimerran.
Wurrkeng cool dry season finishes then it becomes the build-up season.

Kurrung bu karri-dengerung.
The build-up season is when our feet burn.

08 Aug 2016